America is preparing for the visit of “From Ocean to Ocean” Czestochowa icon.

Preparations are underway for the second stage of the pilgrimage "From Ocean to Ocean" in America, which will begin in August this year. This time it will be a route from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Ocean. The effort to carry out the pilgrimage is on the shoulders of Human Life International (HLI), an international organization defending life and the family founded by the world-famous Benedictine late. Father Paul Marx.

From far away Vladivostok a personal letter of Galina Maslennikova

Glory to Jesus Christ!
The action "From Ocean To Ocean" with Czestochowa icon throughout the world in defense of life began in Vladivostok and goes very quickly. Ahead of us is Siberia and 23 European countries on the route about 18 thousand kilometers long.

Moscow: Medvedev signs law restricting promotion of abortions

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev approved amendments to the Federal Advertising Law.

Kazakhstan: Toy imitating abortion sold in Kazakhstan

Shocking for adults kids' toys are sold in Kazakh city of Kostanay.

Russia: The bill limiting the admissibility of abortion

The bill of the new law was submitted to Russian Parliament. It includes records that would create a system of "such conditions in which the pregnant woman will be able to decide on the selection of maternity and childbirth."

Russia: Overcoming the demographic crisis

In March 2011, the Department for External Relations with Churches of Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow held a precedent meeting. Representatives of all Christian denominations present in Russia, in the Commonwealth of Independent States and in Baltic countries took part in the discussions. The meeting proceeded under the slogan: "The cooperation of religious organizations and social changes in population policy."

The full protection of life

The draft amendment to the law on family planning which would completely ban abortion, was submitted to the Parliament bythe members of the social Legislative Initiatives Committee.

Financial assistance for women who choose to abandon abortion

Any woman who withdraws from abortion due to difficult socio-economic situation would receive financial support from the Russian Orthodox Church. Such a declaration came from the head of the Information Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, Vladimir Legojda.

Civic method against pornography

The fines from the municipal police for newsagents and letters to the President of the most common newsagent network RUCH SA – this is how the Association of Your Case started a battle with a wrong display of pornographic publications at newsstands network RUCH.

The Sejm voted on the bill on the in vitro

Sejm rejected a draft by Teresa Wargocka (Law and Justice - PiS) which was completely banning in vitro fertilization and manipulation of human genetic information, and providing penalties for their use.


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